Just read Seelowe Nord on my Kindle. Superb. I laid on my bed and began reading it at 8.30 this morning. Couldn’t put it down and read it straight through until 8.45 this evening. What a book! I have now downloaded the other two novels and can’t wait to start Thunder in May in the morning…

Direct message sent to author via website by Mr D Read in Windsor, UK.

Seelowe Nord: This is a stunning read, edge of the seat stuff from start to finish. Andy Johnson knows how to tell a great story well.

Alex Gordon (From a 5 Star review on

Seelowe Nord: Loved this book, I like these types of stories and enjoyed the twists to this novel a lot. The best thing about this book for me is the fact that you don’t know which side will prevail until the last chapter! The story swings from one side to the other, chapter by chapter; its a great read.

Jonathan (From a 5 Star review on

Thunder in May. This is the best book I’ve read in an age, gripping all the way through and so well put together.

Alex Gordon (From 5 Star review on

The best Second World War fiction I have read: This book (Crucible of Fate) is so exciting you will not want to put it down.The switching of the story seen from the Allies and then the Germans keeps you on the edge of your seat. Congratulations Andy Johnson, a great book.

Keith (From 5 Star review on

Crucible of Fate – Another great story from Johnson: I have read Mr. Johnsons previous books, (Seelow Nord and Thunder in May), on Kindle and thought they were fantastic, very well written with some excellent characters, so when I saw this one I didn’t hesitate in getting it. Once again, I was not disappointed, it deals with the Normandy Invasion from both the British and German viewpoints of soldiers on the ground. An excellent read, well researched and well written. I hope that there’s more to come from Mr. Johnson.

D Ashworth – Leicestershire, UK (From 5 Star review on

Great Author: I have now ordered all of Andy’s books and read two of them. They are really excellent and a graphic account of events in the second world war. Well done Andy, keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

Lewis Smith – Leeds, UK (From a 5 Star review of Thunder in May on

Crucible of Fate: Yet again, Andy Johnson has produced a fictional novel based upon an important historical event during WWII. Although this novel, as Andy’s other novels are; action-packed, on the edge of your seat-reading, he does not glorify war like a “gung-ho” war-movie but expertly illustrates the harsh realities and horrors that both Alied and Axis forces were about to face as the Normandy Landings unfolded; as well as the French civilians caught between the fierce battles that took place on that fateful day. What I find fascinating with Andy Johnson’s novels is his ability to create so many characters and bring each one through the entire novel with such intricate detail to the point that the reader feels as though they are actually there as well. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Steve2451 – (From a 5 Star review on )

Great WW2 Fiction: Another fantastic book (Crucible of Fate) by Andy Johnson. As good as his last two books. If you’re a lover of WW2 fiction this is the book for you.

AP Needham – London (From 5 Star Review on

Another Cracking Read: Another good book (Crucible of Fate) from the author who is obviously experienced in what he writes about and shows the battle described from various accounts from the scared private soldier to the officer who has to master his own fears and get on with the job. The nice thing about this book is it doesn’t automatically demonise the Germans and gives a chance to view the landings from their point of view…

Arthurmo – (From 4 Star on

Awesome! As with ‘Thunder Of May’ Andy Johnson has based ‘Seelowe Nord’ on factual history which has again, proven a big hit. It is clearly evidential that much research has been sought prior to this novel being written… Much attention has been made to orchestrate each character into the storyline, and gives the reader a clear account of both the allied and axis views as the German invasion of the east coast of England unfolds. I would thoroughly recomend this book.

Excellent action-packed novel: Andy Johnson has cleverly intergrated an historical event with a gripping, action~packed fictional story line and produced a fantastic novel portraying the realism of war from both the allies and axis view of the opening of wwII.

Steve2451 (Both reviews from 5 Star reviews on

This (Seelowe Nord) is a cracking read about what could’ve been in the Summer of 1940. Replete with well rounded characters, emotive action scenes and tight pacing, this is a book that I would highly recommend to anyone. On the basis of this I shall certainly be purchasing the author’s next two books.

Matt – The Fens, UK (From a 5 Star review on

What a brilliant read by an author who knows what he’s talking about. The story is told from both sides, the defending ‘Tommies’ and the invading ‘Jerries’. Its exciting and harrowing. What an experience. I’ve read three of his books on Kindle, they are all excellent. Read it; you won’t be disappointed.

A Parry – UK (From a 5 Star review on

Best WW2 Invasion of the UK based war story yet: This is a cracking book, and one I found hard to put down. Some other books that are set during an invasion of the UK, don’t revolve around the fighting, and are thus disappointing to me. I remember reading SS GB, and one of the characters commenting about the hell of being in the first waWhat a brilliant read by an author who knows what he’s talking about. The story is told from both sides, the defending ‘Tommies’ and the invading ‘Jerries’. Its exciting and harrowing. What an experience. I’ve read three of his books on Kindle, they are all excellent. Its time his work was out in print. Read it you wont be disappointed. ve at Dover…. I wanted to read about his experience in that first wave, but we got nothing. Sealowe Nord is different and gets right into the fighting with views from both sides. You get the action of the landing, the sea battle, the fighting retreat and the counter attack. There are a lot of characters, but the author often cleverly drops a few reintroduction lines into the story, to remind you about where you last read about the character…

David Cotton – (From a 5 Star review on

Fantastic! An absolutely first-rate novel that kept me up late for several nights. Immediately after reading Seelowe Nord I had no hesitation in buying “Thunder in May” by the same author. The basic idea of the German armed forces doing to Britain what in reality the allies did to them a few years later in Operation Overlord, i.e setting up a bluff invasion at the expected shortest route across the channel but then invading at a different place altogether was simply brilliant. The detail about the various East Riding towns and villages featured in Seelowe Nord was most impressive as too were the battle scenes and descriptions of a highly complex military operation seen from both sides. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to anyone seeking an absolutely enthralling WW2 novel with a difference.

Paddypilot – (From a 5 Star review on Kindle at

CRACKING BLOODY GOOD READ! I love this story, for me it has it all. It’s fast paced and has all those little things in it that makes this a true boys own adventure. In the great tradition of those old black and white movies I saw as a child the story is fast paced and believable with charactErs we can all relate to and believe in. To put it bluntly … the book you’ll love it !!

‘TIM’ – (From a 5 Star review of Seelowe Nord on

I was immediately struck by the authenticity and detail which combine powerfully with Andy Johnson’s stunningly evocative feel for the period to create something which is movingly reminiscent of the best of the old Eling war films. The author writes grittily and with knowledgeable honesty about the grim reality of a woefully unprepared Britain fighting desperately for survival on her own shores. The tension never slackens. This book holds your attention from the start. It would make a great but very expensive film.

A P Cottrell (From a 5 Star review on Amazon Kindle UK)

Fantastic account of what so could have been: This is a must read – not just if you are into alternative history, but if you like a great story, interesting characters, and a clear easy to read style that means you can get lost in this book for hours. Excellent book, can’t recommend it highly enough.

R Sands – Lincoln (From a 5 Star review of Seelowe Nord on

A brilliant follow up to his first novel, the author is on steady ground here with a well researched historical action novel. The pace is excellent and his characters believable.

R Hampshire (From a 5 Star review of Thunder in May on

Well researeched and written. Really enjoyed it, for me it was in the same vein as flashman, great characters interwoven with an historical narrative.

Chris Jones (From a 5 Star review on

I just got done reading this book and it was worth the money. The author makes you feel as if you are there watching the action unfold. He starts you off in the trenches along the English coast line. You feel the tension the British Soldiers are feeling. You too are wondering if or when the Germans are coming.

He then transports you to the German side and the pre-invasion jitters creep into you as you await to jump from an airplane or bob in the sea on an invasion barge.

Once the invasion begins you are thrown from one side to the other, feeling the impact of the bullets, the thud of the shells the sheer ferocity of the combatants. You feel the panic of the British, the exhaustion of the first wave of German Soldiers, the evilness of the SS, the terror of the Home Guardsmen. All of this leads to an exciting climax that you will just have to buy this book to find out what happens.

It is a long read, but he keeps your interest and brings the characters alive with his pen.

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time and I am very impressed by it. Worth every penny!

Dog of War “ozmorphus2″, USA - (From 5 Star review on

I have not been able to put the book down and have nothing but praise for the writer. His style is set at exactly the level I love for pace, detail, tech know how, plot and characterisation. Can’t fault it, may I have another please Mr Johnson soon as poss?

Jonothan Balmer (From 5 Star review on

I have read the hard copy of this – and did not begrudge a penny of the purchase price …but the Kindle price is a real steal . The characters are very well crafted in this novel , written by an ex soldier , who has the ability to really bring to life the “backs to the wall” situation we faced in 1940 – battle scenes are a joy to read ! I can only hope that Andy Johnson has more alternative history in the pipeline – I shall certainly purchase any that he publishes!

Andrew Fergar – (From 5 Star review of Seelowe Nord on

I’m a big fan of alternate histories and this book I have to say is excellently written. Once started I could not put it down and hope that there will be more to come from this author as I give his book 10 out of 10! Great present for Christmas!

Andrew Coakley – Cardiff, Wales (From 5 Star review of Seelowe Nord on

I have just finished reading your book. As an ex RAF Mover I would just like to say how refreshing it was to read a book that shows the real language and in my (humble) opinion, is one of the most original alternative histories I have read in a long time, and I have read a few. I enjoyed the idea of Hitler invading Yorkshire so much I have already bought the prequel. I also like the idea that by buying your books I am contributing to military charities. Thanks again for the cracking read.

John R McGrath (Received as a message to the author via this website)

An Excellent Book: Andy Johnson has produced a genuinely excellent read in Thunder in May. This is the story of the Western Europe Blitzkreig as seen from the perspective of a number of protagonists, Allied and German. The story rips along and flows nicely despite the number of perspectives being used. There is plenty of action as well as character development.

Andy has also managed to produce a story with minimal jingoism, I found myself as interested and involved with the German tales as I was with the Allied. This helps the story to maintain its momentum and reader engagement.

I see in a previous review Andy Johnson is not signed to a publisher. If any publishers read comments here (and they should) then they ought to sign him up pretty quick, he’s a very talented story teller.

TM Wilson – UK (From 5 Star review on

I took three days, one more than your review, to read your gripping Thunder in May… Having read Thunder in May with informed interest I now want to read Seelowe Nord. My congratulations on your book.

Name protected (From a private letter to the author from a Coldstream Guards Officer who served during World War Two)

Andy Johnson once more produces a corking war novel… There is a lot of good War Fiction out there at the moment but recently retired WO1 (RSM) Andy Johnson of the Coldstream Guards is in my opinion knocking them all for six.

He traces the events of 1940 from the assault on Eben Emael to the last boat leaving Dunkirk, he follows the fortunes of various Tommies & Huns with the odd Frenchman and Belgian thrown in to produce a well paced page turner.

I hope to see a third novel soon.

P Brooks, Manchester (from 5 Star review of Thunder in May on )

‘Unputdownable’ isn’t in the Oxford English dictionary, but if it was it’d surely mention ‘Thunder in May’ as an example. Andy Johnson has perfected the ability to write an historical novel using character that zips along with pace, unfolding events informatively without boring the reader. Both sides of the conflict are dealt equal time to explain perspectives and experiences with such vividness, at the end I fully expected to find dirt under my fingernails. You do feel right there in the midst of the action following Sergeant Jackson through thick and thin as he looks after the men under his charge, fighting a retreat back to Dunkirk, picking up stragglers he inspires to fight alongside him and his troop.

A brilliant adventure.

Don’t forget, a part of the purchase price goes towards charity.

A great prequel to ‘Seelowe Nord’ and I can’t wait for the third book. Well done, Andy.

M Ogden, Manchester (From 5 star review on

Andy Johnson’s honest characterisations are all realistic and believable. The story is anchored by Sgt Davey Jackson, an endearing Dunkirk veteran, who while recuperating from his injuries is posted to the Home Guard as an Instructor. His heroic adventures bind the story together throughout. Johnson’s squaddie wit and turn of phrase keeps up its ebb and flow throughout the story and adds to the authenticity of this fictionalised account of the invasion of Britain. There are some humorous sparks, of which I would have liked to have seen more, but this is also a grizzly account of just how dirty war can be. No need for a map as I’m from East Yorkshire but other far flung readers may have found one useful. As I’ve said in my title, it’s an enjoyable read which has prompted me to to purchase Andy Johnson’s second book Thunder in May.

Ravenser, UK – (From a 4 Star review on

An excellent read, very hard to put down and has a great narrative flow… I was disappointed when I finished it, it is too short! A definite buy for his next book.

SAFC (From 4 star review on

“Damn you. Another stupidly late night reading your book. It’s unputdownable! Finished it now though. What a great romp!”

charlie_film (gratefully received via twitter)

“The proposed German invasion of Britain in 1940 has engendered plenty of ‘what ifs’, few of them novels. This fine book redresses the balance. The main characters, both historical and fictional; Britsh and German are introduced quickly but are all well rounded and far from superficially treated. Then we get into the action. And what action. It is relentless and it is clear that the author (an ex-squadddie like myself) knows both the period and the terryfing thrill of warfare.”

C N Braid – Llanelli (from 4 star review on

“Well just finished the book, am suffering withdrawal symptoms so please crack on with the prequel! Excellent writing, if I may say so, really fast paced yet with what seems to be an authentic feel. As a ‘former naval person’ I was thrilled that the Royal Navy’s role was so well interwoven into the plot. I liked the German comment about the Swordfish torpedo bombers being ‘absurd little biplanes’ or some such. How true! Yet in the hands of the Fleet Air Arm, quite devastating.

As a recent serviceman, one of the greatest priviledges was meeting and talking with some of the vets who flew and crewed these ‘stringbags’, to get an inkling of what it was that allowed them to succeed with this kind of gear!

Great book – more please!”

Sparker – comment posted on this site

“130 pages in the first sitting, more sleepless hours waiting for me. A well thought out story with action scenes that drag you into the plot deeper and deeper by the page.”

From a review by The Angry Peasant (Australia) on

“A 500 page book normally takes me weeks to read. This I read in 2 days! Literally a page turner, I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it. If Andy Johnson writes another book, I’ll definately read it.”

Mark O’Shea - North Yorkshire

“This is a very well written and fast paced alternative history novel set in 1940 covering very familiar ground, what if the Germans invade England in the summer of 1940 soon after Dunkirk and the fall of France. However, this writer has placed the scene not on Kent or the south coast where the story is usually told but in Yorkshire! The Germans storm ashore at Bridlington, Spurn Head, Filey and Scarborough!

Very original and written with a lot of action, some great characters and a lot of detail. The scene shifts from the North Sea where the Fleets fight it out with U Boats sniping away on the edges, from Churchill and Alan Brooke in Whitehall to Jodl and Kietel in the German HQ to a series of German and British characters fighting it out in the Yorkshire countryside or its beaches.

Would recommend to any fan of this genre or anyone who enjoys a good war story. It could have done with a map of this region but I cant really fault this book, its a brilliant example of military alternative history. Much better than a lot of others on the market at the moment.”

Review by Sean on

“Fantastic pace and realistic – top read. I came across this book by accident but I am glad I did… I was impressed that the story told from both sides was treated fairly and the German soldiers weren’t treated as the evil bogey men so many writers would have us believe they were. I totally enjoyed this book and recommend it.”

Gary Wale - England (Quoted from 5 star review on

First the good news (and there is a lot of it). Andy Johnson is a fine writer with a marvellous knowledge of soldiers and soldiering. As an ex-infantryman he is naturally most at home describing war on land, and that is where the great majority of this book’s action takes place. If I say that “Seeloewe Nord” stands comparison with the American authors Tom Clancy, Ralph Peters, and Harold Coyle at their best, I hope you will agree that is high praise; and it’s wonderful to see such excellent story-telling from a British writer. Right from the very first sentence, we are plunged into the action as German airmen are briefed for their sorties covering the planned landings on the Yorkshire coast north of the Humber. The scene shifts excitingly between the Luftwaffe fliers, the lead elements of the German ground forces coming in secretly to capture crucial defensive strongpoints, the local Home Guard, and the British top brass in Whitehall as they struggle to understand the unfolding German strategy, and hastily plan a defence in depth and a sledgehammer counterattack.

This is by no means a short book – it runs to nearly 500 pages – yet I found it very hard to put down, and wished it was longer when I reached the end. The tension builds up as we look over the shoulders of the general staffs on both sides, and wonder which of them will prevail. Some of the characters – especially Sergeant Davy Jackson of the Coldstream Guards – engage our sympathies very strongly as their personalities emerge and take shape. After a while you feel you know what Sergeant (“not Sarge!”) Jackson would say or do in a given situation.

T D Wells – Basingstoke, UK (Quoted from 4 star review on – full review can be seen there)

“I received the book as a Christmas present and could hardly put it down.”

David Holden- London (Quote from 5 star review on

“Just finished Seelowe Nord. Superb book!!! Have you any plans on a series of WWII Alternate History novels? Cannot wait for book 2. Keep up the great work!!!”

Scott McSloy – UK

“I found your book to be a stonking good read… Well done!”

A Fergar – Bromley, Kent

“…book was a gripping read from start to finish and can’t wait to get stuck into any follow ups.”

C Clay – Aldershot

“I’ve just finished the book… absolutely brilliant! I was completely engrossed and really taken in by the realism of it all. I’m a bit of a student of the Royal Navy in World War II and was particularly impressed with the writing on the naval side of things…”

Serving officer – British Army Staff College

Mr Johnson has presented Fal Seelowe in a fast past blow by blow account as seen through the eye’s of both German and British RAF, Luftwaffe, Homeguard, Heer etc. The premise works well and Mr. Johnson’s years of service show in the exciting and believable action – stands out from other authors both of alternate history and action war novels who fall over on details such as weapons of the period and basic infantry practice.

I recommend this highly and will be looking out for other titles by Mr. Johnson…

P Brooks – Manchester

“…got the book today. You should know I started reading it and I’m finding it hard to put down. To me that is the sign of a good book; no, a great book. Keep me informed of your next one.”

K Hunt – Tyne and Wear


“…a thrilling, detailed and very cinematic novel from new author Andy Johnson.

The author, Andy Johnson, a former regimental sergeant major in the renowned Coldstream Guards, brings 24 years’ worth of military experience to his writing, which crackles with the earthy dialogue and ‘getting on with it’ attitude of fighting men and machines with a job to do.

The novel sizzles with very cinematic action sequences that are character-driven, from both the British and German forces’ points of view…

Seelöwe Nord is chockfull of gripping and all-too-human characters, ranging from Winston Churchill to the British and German soldiers fighting it out on the ground.

Seelöwe Nord bristles with knockout battle action, from close quarters fighting on land to breakneck sea engagements.”

Lee Davis

“Got my book and already racing through it. Great book…Best-seller here we come!”

Serving officer – British Army


“…can’t put it down; a masterpiece”

R Atkinson – Essex


“…it was brilliant; couldn’t put it down.”

S Hall – Manchester


“…a brilliant example of military alternative history.”

SJ Smart (Reviewing on


“This is highly enjoyable and eminently readable account of a different take on Sealion. Highly recommended.”

GR Whiting (Reviewing on


“…an outstanding read.”

L Reah – Warrington


“Great read can not put it down”

C A Waterman


“The book has just arrived and I found myself sitting on the loo for about an hour captivated by it. It is really very good.”

Serving British officer


“…I couldn’t put it down. It is absolutely brilliant. I love the historical drama premise and the characters and atmosphere are so real.”

J Mayhead, quoted in The Sentinel, 14th April 2010


“I have finished the book and it is nothing short of brilliant!”

Serving infantry officer – British Army


I just want to say how much I enjoyed the book. I have read a lot of alternate history in the last few years… Thank you for the book, I really enjoyed it.

Brian Richards


Seelöwe Nord is the online home of Andy Johnson, a war fiction novelist. Seelöwe Nord is a war novel that tells the alternative history of Operation Sealion, the proposed German invasion of Britain in 1940. Followed by Thunder in May, and the recently released Crucible of Fate, the trilogy of War Fiction remains a popular read within the genre.

Andy has also started to publish small Leadership and Management Booklets drawing from his extensive experience across many sectors and industries, both military and civilian, the first of which is entitled Captains of the Gate and is now available for download on eReaders directly from Amazon.