And Kingdoms Shall Fall – Release Date 1st August 2015

by Author | July 15th, 2015

Well, it’s been a while folks! After 18 months of doing a wide variety of other projects, I am finally back at the keyboard doing something I enjoy enormously – writing. I have a number of writing projects going on at the moment, however the big news is that of the 1st August 2015 I will be releasing my concept novel ‘And Kingdoms Shall Fall’, a blood and guts fantasy fiction novel; somewhat different from my previous novels.

I say that, but the reality is that this latest book actually came before all the others. I first began writing this book way back in 1991 when I was a very young soldier, fogged in on a mountain in Northern Ireland whilst on guard duties at an observation post. With nothing to do (or see) between my turns on sentry, I had nothing else to do except sleep and write. I had, at the time, just finished reading a reference book on ancient British mythology which had fascinated me. I then found myself gazing out for days on end across a mist shrouded landscape where the peaks of mountains rose majestically out of the grey soup. It was all pretty surreal and mysterious. My creative juices began to flow and I grabbed my notepad and pen and began scribbling. It became something I did to fill my down-time between patrols and operations, first in Northern Ireland, then later in Bosnia. Eventually, the novel came towards its end, but at that stage, all hell broke loose in the world and I became fully absorbed by intensive military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once I left the military, I had already got the idea for Seelowe Nord and it’s sister novels, so I threw myself into writing and publishing those three books. And then it got to last year – 2014. I was very busy with my day job, but also very keen to keep the momentum up with my writing. Not being able to focus properly on starting a project from scratch, I dug out the original manuscript I had scrawled by hand all those years ago.

I re-read it and, much to my surprise, it all sort of made sense. The novel, I believe, very much reflects my emotions during the period when it was written. I was a young man who had just entered a very dangerous world. Sometimes I was lost among the complexities of the big bad world of adulthood and international politics, at other times I was supremely confident to the point of arrogance, and full of youthful zeal. I had also just experienced the first of my friends killed in action. He wouldn’t be the last unfortunately. Having read the script back through, I kind of liked the rawness of it. To that end, I began typing up the manuscript. The story is essentially unchanged from the original. I have altered a couple of names, improved the spelling and grammar, but other than that, it is still the story I wanted to tell way back in 1991.

On the 1st August I will release And Kingdoms Shall Fall: The first tale in the Legend of Hilderwulf on Kindle. If people like it – we’ll proceed to paperback. If people really like it, I’ll clear some time in the diary and write the second part of the story, although book one is a stand-alone adventure in its own right.

So what’s it about? Well, it is essentially a book full of battles and strange characters engaged in a classic struggle, although you might wonder who are the villains and who are the heroes at some points. To me, it is a book about life, whether in this world or a fantasy world. It is a book about love and hate, war and peace, honour and infamy, greed and graciousness. But mainly it is about war. Beware the Northern Wind…

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