by Author | April 27th, 2012

Here’s a quick taster of novel number three, due out in June :-)




More scribbling. Gritz hid a smile of satisfaction. Marcks took a deep breath and looked up at the grey sky, screwing his face up against the incessant drizzle.

“The invasion can’t be too far off, but the High Command thinks the Allies won’t come just yet because of the weather.”

Gritz pulled a face and shrugged.

“The weather never bothered the Ruskis, General.” He commented.

Marcks regarded him with another owl-like stare.

“No… it didn’t, did it?”

            Another brief pause, and then…

“I think differently. What is it I said at last week’s conference?”

This time, Marcks was looking at the Divisional Commander. Richter stirred and made a cautious answer.

“You said that you knew the way the English think. You said that they would go to church one more time on the Sunday and then come the next day… Today.”

Marcks nodded.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said.”

            One of the ADCs ventured a smile and interjected in a jovial tone.

“It’s your birthday tomorrow, General. Thanks to the weather, it doesn’t look as though the Allies will be spoiling your party after all.”

Marcks gave the young captain a sideways glance.

“Give them time Hoffman… Give them time.”




Despite everything, Downeywas somehow able to recognise the features of Private Evans staring back at him from the other side of a metal ‘hedgehog’ obstacle. Through nothing more than habit, Downeyfound himself yelling the words at the young soldier.

“Keep going!”

Then, realising that he should perhaps be following his own advice, Downeybegan to push himself upright.

“Come on!” He managed to shout with more conviction now, not wanting to be the only person on his feet on that wide expanse of sand. “Keep going… Forward!”

To his amazement, he saw Evans pushing himself upwards too. With a jolt, Downey realised that his men might actually follow him through this living hell.

“Come on!” He roared now, fully on his feet and manhandling the Bangalore torpedo over his shoulder. “Get fucking moving! Up to the dunes!”

            “Come on lads… follow Sergeant Downey!”

That came from Evans. He was shouting at the men around him as he too began staggering forwards, his soaking wet battledress covered in sand. The young man’s words had a galvanising effect on Downey. He forgot his fear and remembered that his position demanded example.

“Come on!” He yelled again, lurching forward up the beach. “Follow me!”

He focussed on the grassy mounds of the dunes that he could now see beyond the coils of barbed wire, just a tantalisingly short sprint away. Maybe he could make it? Maybe they all could? Just eighty yards; a ten to fifteen second burst if he gave it everything. Crying out in sudden defiance of all the fates that had brought him to this slaughterhouse, Downey bent his head and forced his aching limbs across the beach.

“Keep going!”


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