Coming Soon – Crucible of Fate

by Author | April 10th, 2012

Due out very soon, with a planned release date of June 2012, is the third novel in Andy Johnson’s World War II series.

Crucible of Fate is set on D-Day the 6th June 1944 and is another non-stop, roller-coaster action novel. This time covering a time-period of just twenty four hours, you can live the danger and drama of that momentous historical event minute by minute.

More details will be revealed nearer the time, but for now, we hope we can arouse your interest with a few snapshots from the cover photo-shoot and the ‘blurb’ for the rear cover of the novel. Please note that all images shown are Copyright A Johnson/S Johnson/2nd East Yorks Re-enactment Group. The photos are very much in keeping with the action sequences in novel. More to follow…

Crucible of Fate

Crucible of Fate - Andy Johnson

Crucible of Fate - Book Three Book Three - Crucible of Fate

Monday 5th June 1944. Hitler’s armies are desperately fighting to hold back the Russian hordes on the Eastern Front. In the west, lurking across the English Channel, is a sleeping monster; almost a million men from half a dozen Allied nations, waiting for their moment to strike against German occupied Europe.

Roland Gritz, Max Weimer, Les Downey and Dickie Smithson have all seen action before. Now however, these four men are destined to meet in battle at a nondescript hill known simply as Point 113. Although none of them yet know it, the Gods of War have stirred from their slumber and, come the new dawn, these seasoned veterans will find themselves being used as pawns in the great game, as one by one, they are poured into the Crucible of Fate.

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  1. Can’t wait for this, Andy. Hurry up June!


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Andy has also started to publish small Leadership and Management Booklets drawing from his extensive experience across many sectors and industries, both military and civilian, the first of which is entitled Captains of the Gate and is now available for download on eReaders directly from Amazon.