Christmas is coming …

by Author | November 5th, 2011

Hi all – just thought I’d write a short post while I prepare a couple more photo-posts. Been a bit busy just recently with voluntary work and trying to get some hours in on the next novel which has meant I haven’t been able to upload posts as often as I would like. Anyway, as I’m sure everyone has noticed, Christmas is on the way in the not too distant future. I thought I would just mention a few points for those looking to have either Seelowe Nord or Thunder in May on their Christmas list.

As you may have seen on the BUY THE BOOKS page, if you live in the UK or have a BFPO address then you can order author-signed copies by post using the downloadable order forms. If you decide to order signed copies using this form, then please note that all orders wanted for Christmas need to be with me by 1st December 2011 so that I can make sure the books are despatched in good time to beat the Christmas mail.

Alternatively, those just wanting an unsigned copy of either book can obtain them from numerous retailers. It is definately worth looking around, especially online, as a number of retailers are offering two or three book deals such as this one on

It’s also worth noting that both novels are available on Kindle for a mere £4.02, and they can be bought as gifts for people too. The links to the Kindle additions are below:

Anyway – back to writing novel 3 I go and I will try to get the next photo-post up as soon as possible. AJ :-)

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Seelöwe Nord is the online home of Andy Johnson, a war fiction novelist. Seelöwe Nord is a war novel that tells the alternative history of Operation Sealion, the proposed German invasion of Britain in 1940. Followed by Thunder in May, and the recently released Crucible of Fate, the trilogy of War Fiction remains a popular read within the genre.

Andy has also started to publish small Leadership and Management Booklets drawing from his extensive experience across many sectors and industries, both military and civilian, the first of which is entitled Captains of the Gate and is now available for download on eReaders directly from Amazon.