On the Workbench

by Author | September 20th, 2011

Well, Thunder in May is out there and doing well I’m pleased to say. Initial feedback seems quite positive which is always a relief. At the moment, there are a couple of things in the pipeline. The first of these is the next book in what is now developing into a series of World War II action novels. Obviously I don’t want to give too much away at the moment, but suffice to say the next book is leaping forward a couple of years towards the back end of the war. Also, the Guards Division will not be featuring in this novel as I am giving them a rest! Instead, the next book will feature some equally distinguished regiments of the line, both infantry and cavalry, along with one or two fictional units, and of course there will be lots of other characters from all branches and services making an appearance. Several characters from the first two novels have already appeared in the draft of the first chapter, but I shan’t say any more than that for now.

Secondly, and rather excitingly for a dinosaur like me, both Seelowe Nord and Thunder in May are being prepared for uploading as e-books to Amazon Kindle. I’m working my way through the process carefully but all being well, it shouldn’t be too long before the technology buffs among you are able to download e-versions of the novels.

I have spent the last few weeks emersed in research and meeting veterans and subject matter experts, but now I feel as though I’ve got most of the information I need, so the writing process has kicked off. I’m having quite a lot of fun with character development at the moment, but shortly will be hitting the long slog of writing the action sequences and threading it all together. I’m looking at a finish and publication date in early to mid 2012 all being well but will keep you posted.

That’s all for the moment, but in the near future there will be another post with photographs of weapons and equipment relating to the first two novels. Wishing you all the best as the nights grow darker and the weather colder.


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Andy has also started to publish small Leadership and Management Booklets drawing from his extensive experience across many sectors and industries, both military and civilian, the first of which is entitled Captains of the Gate and is now available for download on eReaders directly from Amazon.