by Author | July 7th, 2011

Most soldiers I know tend to agree with my own experience of combat. Once you’re in the thick of it, adrenalin, training, discipline, and a simple desire for survival tend to take over. Sometimes one of those factors is more prominent than the others, although often they meld together so that you are subject to an absolute focus on the job in hand. Often, battles that seem to have lasted only minutes end up having taken hours. For the combatant, the usual concept of time seems to be suspended temporarily. Time becomes a mere measurement in relation to ones plan… ‘H-Hour in 5 minutes’ or ’3 minutes fire for effect’. During this bout of intense activity that tends to focus the mind to an unbelievable level of concentration, one often has little time for abstract thought, particularly fear.

That is not to say that soldiers do not feel fear of course, because we all do. But the fear, or the frustration, or the anxiety, comes during those endless dull hours before a battle when one knows that something is coming up, yet it still seems so far away. Those same emotions can come once the action is over and the unavoidable ‘high’ of battle has subsided and the body hits a natural low.

Although no longer a soldier, a similar process is obvious to me as an author. The prequel to Seelowe Nord is done, complete, and off to the printers to be set up. The release date is imminent, just a couple more weeks until the pre-order window begins all being well. Once the book is officially released I will be going into a frenzy of promotional activity, and there will be a series of posts in the first few weeks giving lots of background info and photos on the new novel.

But that battle is still some time away for me. In the meantime, I sit here working on the marketing and promotional packages, making frequent trips to the kettle, whilst keeping a beady eye on my letterbox, just waiting for the very first copy of Thunder in May to drop through it. My soldiering days may be over, but that endless waiting before the ‘big push’ is still a feature of my new life as an author. Some things never change…

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Seelöwe Nord is the online home of Andy Johnson, a war fiction novelist. Seelöwe Nord is a war novel that tells the alternative history of Operation Sealion, the proposed German invasion of Britain in 1940. Followed by Thunder in May, and the recently released Crucible of Fate, the trilogy of War Fiction remains a popular read within the genre.

Andy has also started to publish small Leadership and Management Booklets drawing from his extensive experience across many sectors and industries, both military and civilian, the first of which is entitled Captains of the Gate and is now available for download on eReaders directly from Amazon.