by Author | April 26th, 2011

Well, after much talk and many intrusions on my time, I have finally finished the prequel to Seelowe Nord. At present, the title is likely to be THUNDER IN MAY, but I will confirm this once the publishing process is in full swing. I am now in the middle of the proof-checking stage, while I await the production of a map courtesy of an experienced illustrator. As I learned from the feedback from Seelowe Nord, maps are something you all like to have at the start of a book these days!

I spent a fantastic day at Eden Camp in North Yorkshire on St George’s Day with a small but dedicated team of reenactors from the Frontline Association (who you can find on Facebook). This group have recreated Fallschirmjager Regiment 9 of the German 3rd Airborne Division from World War II. Although they represent a unit that was only formed mid-war, this friendly group kindly kitted themselves out in 1940 issue clothing, equipment and weaponry in order to ensure that they looked authentic. We took lots of cracking photos, some of which are going off to the publisher for use on the front cover.

In addition, I will, in the very near future, upload some photos that I took specifically for the readers of this blog. They show the various types of clothing and equipment used by 1940 Fallschirmjager, who are featured in both Seelowe Nord and Thunder in May. The detailed photographs will be of particular interest to those wargamers wishing to paint their Fallschirmjager figures with an eye for historical accuracy.

As far as the prequel is concerned, THUNDER IN MAY will see the return of our old friend Sergeant Jackson, along with other favourites such as Captain Dullman and Huptsturmfuhrer Merkal. There is also, as you would expect, a huge cast of historical figures, units and ships. I hope that readers will find the prequel as action packed and fast paced as Seelowe Nord. All things being well, I anticipate the publication date for the prequel being sometime at the end of June or in July 2011. All I need to do is get this proof-checking done, but I intend to take my time and get it right. Keep your eyes peeled for the first German para photos in the next week or so. That’s all for now folks.

Stay low – move fast.


One Response to “PREQUEL IS COMPLETE!”

  1. Great news Andy – Title sounds good. Publication date June/July? That’ll be something to cheer up the Aussie winter!

    When’s the third volume due! (legs it fast!)


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