by Phil Johnson | November 3rd, 2010

Here is the latest in the series of battle maps from the novel, which are designed to give orientation for readers of the novel, and extra detail for the many war gamers now expressing an interest in re-fighting the scenarios on the tabletop. Although many of the scenarios, including this latest, will suit the new Flames of War – Early War rules and figures, this latest scenario would be an excellent one for a large Rapid Fire style wargame with 28mm figures.

In the novel, Sgt Jackson of the Coldstream Guards is tasked with defending the most exposed outpost of the Holme-on-Spalding Moor Box, which lies directly in the path of the German spearhead. His scratch platoon of Regular Army, Home Guard and RAF personnel totals 34 men, which includes a 3 man Vickers Machine Gun crew, a 4 man crew for the 2 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun, and 4 men from the Royal Engineers who have assisted with the wiring, mining and road-blocks.

The map shows his initial disposition of individuals and weapons systems around the farm, which is code-named ‘Hougoumont’ Farm by the garrison commander of the Holme Box, in recognition of Jackson’s regiment making a stand at the original Hougoumont during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The dotted lines within buildings show the individual rooms where defenders are located, all of them on the top floor, less the man at Position 9 who is in a single storey building. Major weapon systems are shown facing their primary arc.

The farm is also covered by flanking and depth positions, including the Vickers and 2 Pounder sections located on Church Hill, approximately 500 yards to the bottom left of this map. This map shows the principal German thrusts as mentioned in the novel, but war gamers should feel free to attack Jackson’s disparate little group as they see fit.

Hope you enjoy this latest map and I will continue to upload as much useful information as I can in the coming weeks and months.

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