The German Order of Battle and Plan

by Author | September 29th, 2010

I have decided to upload an info dump of the German Order of Battle from the novel. It is based on the original German ORBAT for Seelowe but I have amended it in order to suit the story line. At a later date I will post the original German Seelowe ORBAT.


VII Corps (1st Mountain and 7th Infantry Division) Land between Scarborough and Primrose Valley (Filey Bay)

XIII Corps (17th and 35th Infantry Divisions) Land between Primrose Valley(Filey Bay) and Skipsea.

Airborne Corps (Assault Battalion Koch) Storm the heavy gun batteries on Spurn Point and prevent British cruiser and destroyer force from breaking out of the Humber into the North Sea.

Airborne Corps (7th Parachute Division) Capture Driffield town and airfield and main route from Driffield to Bridlington. Also capture Flamborough Head and fire control centres for coastal batteries.


V Corps (12th Infantry Division) Land at Skipsea and advance on Hornsea, Beverley and Hull.

V Corps (22nd Air Landing Division) Land at Driffield and advance on Leconfield, Beverley and Hull.

XXXI Corps (8th Panzer and SS Totenkopf Division) Land in Filey Bay/Bridlington and drive on Driffield and Goole.

On successful crossing of the River Ouse and isolation of York, and providing the German sea-lane remained intact, the Germans would have despatched a third wave containing a full Panzer Corps to exploit into the industrial North Midlands and cause havoc, hopefully bringing the British to a swift capitulation. A fourth and fifth wave would have followed in due course to secure the south bank of the River Humber, secure the Vale of York and begin exploiting towards industrial Teeside or deeper into the Midlands.

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