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by Author | September 26th, 2010

There are several reasons why I wrote this particular novel, but one of the pressing reasons was a desire to find some way of assisting my ex-comrades who had been maimed during active service, and of providing support for the families of those killed in action. As many of you know, a percentage of the profits from all the books I write will be donated to various British Military charities annually. This year, the donation will be split between the Army Benevolent Fund (The Soldiers Charity) and the Regimental Charitable Fund of the Coldstream Guards, my former regiment. The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards have recently completed another tour of Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Over the course of the last year, some six Coldstreamers have been killed in action and many more wounded, including some twelve men who have lost limbs. This of course will be a familiar story amongst every unit that has served in Helmand, from every contributory nation. Seelowe Nord is of course dedicated to the Officers and Soldiers of Task Force Helmand.

Last night I was privileged to attend the annual dinner of the Coldstream Sergeants’ Past and Present Association and spent a wonderful evening in the company of my former colleagues. They were always a great bunch of men, but my admiration and respect for them has grown even more since my retirement. This most recent tour of duty saw them engaged in some of the most intense fighting that the British Army has known since Korea and World War II. I shook hands with one of the four members of the battalion who, just last week, were awarded the Military Cross. None of the men I met last night were steely eyed killers who behave like robots. They were largely softly spoken, very humble, extremely polite, and carried an air of relaxed self-confidence that is typical of men who have known success in battle. They were also extremely humourous and my face still aches from the hours of smiling and laughing that I went through. I class myself as fortunate to have once been among their ranks, and I believe that the nation, and the rest of the free world should be grateful that, in the words of  someone much more famous than me, “…rough men stand ready in the night to do violence on their behalf…”.

I will continue to write novels about soldiers, sailors and airmen, from all periods of history, because their deeds should never be forgotten. Below is a full list of the members of the Coldstream Guards Battle Group who have been awarded decorations in the September 2010 Operational Honours and Awards List:


Major Till – Coldstream Guards


Lieutenant Dalzell – Coldstream Guards (Killed in Action – Posthumous)

Colour Sergeant Baines – Coldstream Guards

Sergeant Swift – Coldstream Guards

Lance Corporal Reader – Coldstream Guards


Lance Sergent Owen – Coldstream Guards

Lance Sergeant Pates – Coldstream Guards

Lance Sergeant Wallis – Coldstream Guards

Corporal Riley – The Yorkshire Regiment (attached 1 Coldm Gds) (Killed in Action – Posthumous)

In addition to the above listed, a further 15 members of the Battle Group were awarded Joint Commander’s Commendations.

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