Wargames scenarios from Seelowe Nord

by Author | August 16th, 2010

In October there will be a full page colour advert for Seelowe Nord in the foremost wargames magazine in the world, Wargames Illustrated. Interestingly, this month’s edition covers some early war scenarios, including the clash between British Armour and Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division at Arras. The Flames of War game system has now launched an early war range of units and supplementary rules, which will be perfect for wargaming the many scenarios from Seelowe Nord.

Having said that, I’m a dyed in the wool 28mm figure man myself when it comes to wargaming and I am currently assembling troops, tanks and aircraft of that scale from a variety of companies in order for me to play out the scenarios from my own novel in large scale. Renegade miniatures does some great early war British and German figures, and The Foundry do some excellent Home Guard and German Paras. Keen to get together the guns, armour and aircraft now. Will be a long project mind you due to my writing for the prequel but can’t wait for the day when I can play out my novel on the table top in a grand manner!

Some of the scenarios I am looking at fighting are:

1. Defence of Hunmanby Gap (I already have a brilliant Bolton-Paul Defiant)         

2. Dickie Smithson’s stand at Bracey Bridge

3. The Battle of Seamer Bridge

4. The capture of Bridlington Harbour

5. The German breakout from Driffield

6. The defence of ‘Hougoumont’ Farm at Holme-on-Spalding Moor

7. The battle for the Cawood Pocket

8. The British Counter Attack against the Stillingfleet Ridge

These are just some of the scenarios in the book and I would love to do a full campaign in due course with model figures. I would be especially pleased to see some experienced gamers trying the above scenarios out with Flames of War rules and figures and publishing the results in a wargames magazine in due course, as I think it may be a couple of years before I manage to assemble my own model forces for battle!

Here is a link to the Wargames Illustrated website and another for the Flames of War website.



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